Corrosion of carbon steel reinforcement used in buildings and structures causes expansion which may induce mechanical stress that can cause the formation of cracks and disrupt the concrete structure. If the rebars have been poorly installed and are located too close to the concrete surface in contact with the air, spalling can easily occur: flat fragments of concrete are detached from the concrete mass by the rebars corrosion and may fall down. Even correctly installed steel reinforcement deep within the concrete structure can corrode and cause concrete spalling if moisture is able to penetrate the concrete through micro cracks that may form, over an extended period time, in the concrete surrounding the steel reinforcement. This is why even very well built older buildings and structures can become susceptible to concrete spalling.

Concrete spalling repair entails chipping away the concrete to expose the corroded steel reinforcing to ascertain the depth of the problem. The corroded steel needs to be scraped to remove all the rust and anti-rust paint needs to be applied followed by a bonding agent to ensure proper adhesion to the concrete. Mortar is then re-applied over the steel before painting the surface.

Concrete spalling is especially common in the Durban area, due to the high moisture in the atmosphere during the wet summer months and high salt content in the air.

Concrete spalling repair is a skilled process and should only be undertaken by specialists such as Spalling Worx.

Why choose Spalling Worx for concrete spalling repairs? 

  • We have more than 30 years experience in spalling and concrete repair
  • We are expert at the diagnosis and repair of all forms of defective concrete
  • We work closely with and are endorsed by suppliers, including Sika, ABE and Stonecor
  • We impliment strigent quality control and quality assurance protocols
  • Quality is our ethos and we offer a guarentee on materials and workmanship 
  • All contracts are subject to a strict quality plan that conforms to ISO9000
  • Health and safety checks and controls are implemented and are to NOSA standards
  • Our staff are highly trained and training is ongoing to match industry advancements
  • We have the specialised equipment required to properly undertake concrete and spalling repair
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