Concrete spalling is just one cause of damage to structural concrete but other non spalling related causes can lead to structural and non structural concrete requiring repair. Weather, water, age and physical damage are all possible causes of damage to concrete so the first step in repairing concrete is to figure out what caused the damage, do the necessary preparation of removing any unsound concrete and contamination, then install a repair designed to solve the problem.

We have long standing relationships with all the main suppliers, ensuring that the best products are used for your concrete repair and offering you a back to back guarantee. Which is why you should contact Spalling Works for concrete repairs.

Why choose Spalling Worx as concrete repair contractor? 

  • We have more than 30 years experience in spalling and concrete repair
  • We are expert at the diagnosis and repair of all forms of defective concrete
  • We work closely with and are endorsed by suppliers, including Sika, ABE and Stonecor
  • We impliment strigent quality control and quality assurance protocols
  • Quality is our ethos and we offer a guarentee on materials and workmanship 
  • All contracts are subject to a strict quality plan that conforms to ISO9000
  • Health and safety checks and controls are implemented and are to NOSA standards
  • Our staff are highly trained and training is ongoing to match industry advancements
  • We have specialised equipment to properly undertake concrete and spalling repair
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