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We have successfully undertaken hundreds of thousands of sqm of waterproofing over the last 30 years. As with our Painting & Spalling repairs, we keep up to date and continue to keep staff trained and in tune with changing technology.
Torch on (Too many joints), and Acrylic systems (Can’t handle water ponding), are the old has-been technology. 
Our liquid applied membrane system has the following benefits:
  1. Seamless – cold applied.
  2. Applied by spray gun for speed and consistency.
  3. UV Resistant.
  4. VOC Water compliant.
  5. Excellent adhesion.
  6. Water vapour permeable.
  7. Bitumen vapour permeable (This means we can apply directly over sound torch-on bitumen systems, without the added cost of stripping.
  8. Highly elastic.
  9. Colours are white & grey, however on larger contracts, we can match just about any colour needed.
  10. The system is liquid applied, with a Reemat membrane imbedded into the polyurethane.
  11. It can be applied under tiles, allowing tiling directly over the system.
  12. Application can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  13. Patching repairs, where mechanical damage has occurred, is easily done, cold applied.
  14. Enhanced energy saving, through reduced cooling costs.
  15. One component – Ready to apply.
  16. Easily recoated – no inter-coat adhesion issues.
  17. 10-year guarantee, with only one maintenance coat after five years (torch-on needs three maintenance coats over the same period).
  18. Easily applied to ceramic tiles, wood, cement, plastic, metal, brick & stone, bitumen coatings etc.
  19. Suitable for light trafficable areas.
Other Waterproofing Applications Include:
  1. Torch-on for trafficable areas.
  2. Silicone sealing around windows etc.
  3. Structural cracks.
  4. Cementitious waterproofing systems.
  5. General cementitious sealing.

Why choose Spalling Worx for waterproofing in Durban & KZN? 

  • We have more than 30 years experience in rising and penetrating damp repair
  • We are expert at the diagnosis and repair of all forms of damp proofing
  • We work closely with and are endorsed by suppliers, including Sika, ABE and Stonecor
  • We impliment strigent quality control and quality assurance protocols
  • Quality is our ethos and we offer a guarentee on materials and workmanship 
  • All contracts are subject to a strict quality plan that conforms to ISO9000
  • Health and safety checks and controls are implemented and are to NOSA standards
  • Our staff are highly trained and training is ongoing to match industry advancements
  • We have specialised equipment to properly undertake damp proofing repair