• Initial stripping of spalling – Chisel out loose and friable material from around the affected spalled areas, by means of chisel to at least 10mm around the re-bar.
  • Cleaning re-enforced steel – Clean all areas by mechanically brushing or power grinding to remove any loose rust from the substrata.
  • Cleaning concrete – Clean all affected areas by soft brush, to remove all surface contaminants.
  • Steel corrosion – Prime all steel areas with Sika-Top 110 Armatec, anti-corrosive coating at 1.5 metres per litre if the corrosion is severe.
  • Mortar wetting – Dampen the entire concrete surface, prior to priming.
  • Priming –Mortar – Apply Sika’s Monotop 615HB, cementitious, polymer modified repair. 
  • Alternative cementitious & steel primer – Apply Sika Monotop 610 to all surfaces. 
  • Thin application – Apply Sika Monotop 612, if the required applications are between the range of 5-30mm.
  • Thick application – Apply Sika Monotop 615, if the required applications are between the range of 5-70mm.
  • Skim – Apply Monotop 620 as a skim applied product, if the surface requires a smooth finish.
  • Shuttering – Mix Sika grout 212 where shuttering can be used and pour in as a liquid.